Village Hall Refurb: An Update

While the hall is starting to welcome back classes as lockdown eases, we’re still raising funds for a full refurbishment. Here’s an update of where we’ve got to so far.

What’s happened so far

We’ve had a surveyors report that’s given us an idea of exactly what needs refurbishing – the biggest jobs are to replace the cladding and the windows, plus a possible kitchen refurb and new doors. We’re looking at around £80k to get the work done. We’ve already raised a significant amount through a combination of grants, donations and the many community fundraising events that have taken place, from bike maintenance to calendars, fitness challenges to advent windows. Thanks so much to everyone who has donated or has taken part in fundraising initiatives.

Next steps

We still need to find £40k, which we hope to raise through a mixture of grants and fundraising activities and events. As the hall is run by volunteers with other commitments, and none of us have expertise in managing building projects, we’ll use some of the funds to hire a project manager to oversee the refurb.

Get involved

We’re always looking for people with ideas and enthusiasm to get involved in running the hall. If you’d like to help us with the final push on fundraising/grant applications, please get in touch via our Facebook page or email us.

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