The building of the Efail Isaf Village Hall was first suggested in the 1930ís, however the funds collected in those pre-war years were frozen in the bank during World War II.

The project to build the hall was brought about in the 1950ís and it was agreed to form a steering committee to raise further finance and supervise the building of the hall.

Most villagers contributed 2/6 (12 ½ pence) per month which was collected by Mr Eric Harte the Chairman at the time in the early 1960ís together with small grants received from the local Llantwit Fardre Council.

£4,000.00 was needed before any plans could be prepared. A grant for £2,000.00 was obtained from the ministry of education and when the figure of £4,000.00 was raised, a contract with the Dinas Building Company based in Newport was agreed for the sum of £4,500.00. However a further mortgage of £600.00 was raised to cover the building costs and help start the furnishing of the hall.

The Llantrisant and Llantwit Fardre District Council wanted to take over the hall sometime in the 1970s, but the hall committee decided the hall had mainly been financed by the residents of Efail Isaf and the committee was not in a position to hand it over to them as the hall was owned by the inhabitants of the village.

By: Lionel Blake Former executive member of the committee for 32 years retiring in 1996.

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